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Frequently asked

PremePro assists with all of the hottest Supreme items, including Box Logo hoodies which can generate nearly $1,000 in profit per hoodie.

After going through the checkout process, you will immediately be sent a download link where you can add to your browser right away. PremePro works instantaneously once your info is entered.

Currently, PremePro is available only for Google Chrome browsers.

This is because using Chrome on a desktop is where we found the highest success copping the hottest Supreme items, so adding PremePro gives you an even higher chance.

We are constantly improving and open to feedback and suggestions, so if enough people are happy with us and want an iOS or Android app, we’ll make it!

PremePro works by filling in all of the information that you would otherwise have to type into Supreme’s website. We promise that PremePro will carry out this duty.

While using PremePro significantly raises your chances for getting the rarest profitable items, it does not guarantee that you will get the hottest releases every time. Other variables, like Supreme’s website going down or slow internet can affect PremePro and are outside of our control.

*PremePro works best only with’s US website.*

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